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Estate Sale! Multi-Estates Sale at Adjoining Properties with Loads of Added Items! Find those Special & Unique Season's Gifts!

Estate Sale! Great Gifts for the Season! Added Other Local Estates' Items in 2 Large Adjoining Homes! Must Sees!

This 4-Day Event includes several local Estates' items presented at 2 adjoining properties! There's an extensive selection of Items for gift-giving, enhancing your home, functional use for your home, & refreshing decor'! Rain or Shine! Event Dates/Hours: >>Wednesday, 12/16, 10am - 7pm; >>Thursday, 12/17, 10am - 7pm; >>Friday, 12/18, 10am - 5pm; >>Saturday, 12/19, 10am - 4pm.

Estate Sale of Contents of 2 Adjoining Properties!  Many Items from Other Local Estates!  Great Selections for This Season's Gift-Giving, Adding to your Collections, Use in the Home, & MORE!
Locations:  120 Plum Nelly Rd., & 499 West Lake Dr., Athens, GA 30606
Event Dates/Hours:
>>Wednesday, 12/16, 10am - 7pm;
>>Thursday, 12/17, 10am - 7pm;
>>Friday, 12/18, 10am - 5pm;
>>Saturday, 12/19, 10am - 4pm.

Partial List of Selected Items:
  • Living, Family, Bedroom, Dining, Seating - All Sorts of Furniture!
  • Kitchen & Household Wares!
  • Lots of Table & Wall Decor!
  • Jardinieres with Bases
  • Chests of Drawers
  • Vintage Gentleman's Dresser
  • Rockers
  • Gold-Trim Stemware
  • Cheery Holiday-Trimmed Stemware, Glasses.
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Vintage Accessory Cabinet - 3 Drawers, Triple Doors.
  • Johnson Bros. "Sun Up" Chicken Old Granite England Stratford China Dinner & Serve Wares
  • Bronze Figurine
  • Vintage Franciscan Earthenware Green Ivy China Dinner & Serve Wares
  • Stonehenge MidWinter Seashell Design Trim China Dinner & Serve Wares
  • Other Fine China Dinner & Serve Ware Sets
  • Oakleaf Pull Cabinet with Drawer & Double Door
  • Antique Accessory Table
  • Variety of English Artwork
  • Variety of Framed Artwork & Wall Decor, Vintage Posters
  • Vintage Bamboo-Framed Asian Prints
  • Vintage Ladder-Back Woven Seats Chairs
  • Sets of Antlers for Nature Enthusiasts & Hunters
  • Vintage East Lake Chair Set
  • Vintage Bedframes, Headboards, Footboards, Canopy Bed
  • Mattresses - Size Variety
  • Lamps - Vintage, Antique, Trendy, Table, Counter, Mantle, & Floor Lamps; Porcelain, Brass, Wooden
  • Antique Smith-Corona Adding Machine with Cash Drawer
  • Bedside Tables / Night Stands
  • Accessory Tables & End Tables, Coffee/Sofa Tables
  • Wardrobe, Linen, or Entertainment Cabinet
  • Pie Safe
  • Vintage Linens
  • Gentleman's Official's Golf Jackets, Vintage Golf Magazines, Equipment/Supplies
  • Mantle or Table Clocks
  • Smallwares, Decor', Figurines, Ceramic Eggs, Elephants
  • Wash Basins with Pitchers
  • Blueware China - Plates, Bowls, Serve Pieces, Cups
  • Glassware Dishes
  • Hammered Tin Inserts Doors Utility Cabinet on Wheels
  • Mirrors - Large & Small, Wall.
  • Books - Vintage, Antique, Hardback, Softback; Extensive Variety
  • Dining Tables w/Extensions
  • Vintage Coffee tins 
  • Area Rugs - Variety; Fireplace Irons
  • Chargers, Fine China Dinnerware
  • Vintage Stemwares
  • Sofas - Informal & Formal, Vintage
  • Washstands, Antique
  • Armchairs, Ribbon-back Chair, Other Antiques
  • Dining Room Sideboard Buffet w/Clawfoot
  • Buffet with Brass Back Rail
  • Bookends - Vintage
  • Vintage Silverplate Serving Pieces
  • Small China Cabinet
  • Treadmill
  • Vintage Clothing, Furs
  • Vintage Dolls (including Elvis!)
  • Games
  • Antique Dovetail Trunk
  • Sled
  • & Much More --- Too Much to List!

By attending this Event, All Attendees agree to & accept the Terms & Conditions of the Estate Sale.
This is NOT an Auction.
Items will be priced to sell. Rain or Shine!
  1. Parking: Do not block mailboxes &/or neighbors' driveways, or drive/park on any property’s grass. Damage to Property is Customer’s responsibility.
  2. Payments Accepted: Cash, local Check & major Payment Cards with valid ID (3% Convenience Fee added to Payment Card sales). NO OUT OF STATE CHECKS!
NOTE: Payment Cards Users agree to not dispute or chargeback purchases!
  1. Loading: WE DO NOT LOAD! Bring your own help to load, tools, hand-trucks, etc. Absolutely no loading assistance available...Buyers must bring their own moving help/equipment. Professional moving arrangements can be made for a FEE.
  2. Packing: We suggest Buyer bring own packing supplies. Buyer is responsible for packing/boxing/wrapping purchases & all issues associated with such. As a convenience to Customer, Boxes/Bags/Paper may be available while supplies last.
  3. No Refunds: All Sales are FINAL & all purchases are "AS IS-WHERE IS" with NO WARRANTY, NO GUARANTEE, NO REFUNDS & NO EXCHANGES. Pricing is based on item’s assessed value & condition.
  4. Buyer Due Diligence: Buyer is solely responsible for inspecting merchandise before purchasing for acceptability of condition (i.e., imperfections, scratches, breakage, chips, damages, flaws, repairs, etc.). Buyer is solely responsible for items once selected &/or purchased. Staff cannot “hold”, watch, or monitor Buyer’s items.
  5. Verify Purchases: Buyer is solely responsible for selection of items & checking to be sure they have the correct items before merchandise leaves the premises. Once paid merchandise has left the premises, the sale is final.
  6. Breakage: If Customer damages/breaks an item, Customer agrees to pay for the item.
  7. Sales Tax will be collected. If you have a Re-sale Tax Certificate, or GATE Card, present your CURRENT YEAR copy before checking out. No exceptions.
  8. Agents: We are Agents for the Estate/Seller. WE ARE NOT responsible for any accident or injury while on property.
  9. Children, Pets, Tobacco: NO PETS, NO SMOKING, NO TOBACCO, NO VAPE USE! NO FOOD, NO DRINK! NO UNATTENDED CHILDREN! Children must be directly supervised at all times.
  10. Surveillance: Customer is put on notice & acknowledges/accepts video / audio / photo surveillance & recording may be used on site.
  11. Sale Refusal: We reserve the right to refuse sale of items to any customer at any time.
  12. Inspection: We reserve the right to inspect any customer’s bags / totes / handbags / packs / boxes & “containers” at any time.
Thank you for your understanding & acceptance of these Terms & Conditions!
We appreciate your business!
Williamson Bros. Realty & Auction Co., Inc.
Athens GA 30606

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